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Presentation of LaRA

The Laboratory for robotics and automation deals in priority with industrial technologies, with a main weight on industrial robots (ABB, Stšubli, Delta-Demaurex, Comau) and computer vision.  
The experiments proposed in the lab help the students to acquire skills in various, optional domains. A serie of experiments relates to basic techniques (re. sensors, motors, motion control, fieldbus), another one to more complex techniques (incl.industrial robotics, and vision 1), and the third oneto advanced automation techniques (geometrical modeling, so-called artificial intelligence techniques, autonomous, mobile robotics). 
Currently, the site presents, with a particular focus, our activities about mobile robots - ARY, as well as the related initiatives Eurobot and Robocup. 
The presentation of the laboratory is far from exhaustive here. Teaching aspects are shown with more details on the main website of our School and more particularly in the section of the institute for industrial Automation, iAi
The latest presentation can be downloaded here: Download the presentation of LaRA (pdf, ca 30 Mb, v. 4 November 2017) 
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